Why Choose PROSURE?

PROSURE offers a range of cover options that can be selected to suit any budget or requirement, and is administered by PetSure, the leading provider of Pet Insurance products in Australia.

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 Claim up to 80% of eligible vet bills

PROSURE Pet Insurance allows you to receive up to 80% of the total cost of treatment for your dog or cat, up to any annual limits for any eligible claims. There is no excess on the cover options available through PROSURE. To confirm what treatments are covered by your policy, refer to the Policy Booklet.

 Generous Annual Benefit Limits

PROSURE offers generous annual benefit limits across all cover options.

Cover Option Annual Benefit Limit
Silver Cover Accidental Injury $8,000
Gold Cover Accidental Injury + Illness $12,500
Platinum Cover Accidental Injury + Illness + Wellness Care $14,500

 No Claim Bonus

If, on renewal each year, you have been fortunate enough not to have claimed for illness or accidental injury, we will reward you for having a healthy pet to the value of $50. This bonus can be used to reduce your out of pocket expenses.

 Cover for Chronic Conditions

As with other conditions covered by the policy, chronic conditions will no longer be limited to the Benefit Limit that was applicable when the condition first arose.

Cover for these conditions, such as cancer, arthritis and diabetes, will be covered up to the applicable annual Benefit Limit, as shown on your Certificate of Insurance, provided that the policy is renewed annually without any gaps or breaks in cover.

Benefits for these conditions, like any other, are subject to the annual policy limits and exclude conditions that existed when the policy first started (Pre-Existing Conditions).

 No Excess

You do not need to pay an excess across all of our cover options.

 Dental Illness and Tick Paralysis Cover

Dental Illness and Tick Paralysis cover are included as part of our Gold and Platinum cover options. We will pay towards dental treatment to relieve suffering due to illness, as long as the pet has been insured under this policy for at least 2 years with no gaps ore breaks in cover, there is a history of regular annual dental check-ups, and subject to the pet showing no signs or symptoms of dental illness in the applicable waiting period. For full details please refer to the Policy Booklet.

 Multiple Pet Discounts

You receive a 10% discount when you apply for policies for your second and subsequent pets.

 21-day Cooling Off Period

If for any reason you are not happy with your policy, you may cancel the policy within the first 21 days provided you have not made a claim. Any premium you have paid will be refunded in full. Contact us to cancel your policy.

How to Apply

Make sure you compare the different cover options available through PROSURE, and then follow the simple quote process to help determine the best policy for your needs and budget.